Hypnosis Myths

5 Hypnosis Myths Exploded
OVER the years, hypnosis has picked up all sorts of weird associations from stage hypnotists, the media and superstition. This is a great shame, because in reality, hypnosis is your single most effective tool for change. Hypnosis is your birthright, and you should know how to use it so it doesn't use you. Here we dispel the biggest hypnosis myths.
Hypnosis Myth 1) All hypnosis is the same

Panic Away

Panic Away has been proved to eliminate anxiety and Panic Attacks with a formula that, as far as we know, is not repeated elsewhere. Most other treatment courses offer some very good information but fail to deliver on the critical component, which is a reliable technique that will stop panic attacks for good.
Panic Away treats the panic attacks (anxiety attacks) and then shows you how to deal with the general anxiety. General anxiety takes slightly longer to treat as it involves a process of bringing your bodies anxiety level back to normal often after years of high anxiety. Expect to see big improvements with general anxiety within three to four weeks. 
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